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The history of RADAMER

Cheese  hit of transformation

Radamer, the first Polish cheese to have holes, celebrated its eighteenth birthday in 2009. It emerged during the period of political and economic transformation  as a newly created native  product  which was an immediate success in the  domestic market  gaining in immense popularity in the diary industry contest.   Despite  the passing  years and growing competition , Radamer continuous  to maintain  the  leadership position. Every month  400 tones of Radamer  supplies the demand of the market.

Hard to believe, still  the production of cheese with holes originating in  Switzerland is a relatively new to Poland.  Our domestic diary industry manufactured  its products on the basis of Dutch recipes, which allowed to obtain cheese with characteristic homogeneous  texture. The breakthrough in the cheese making industry was the introduction to the market of Radamer cheese manufactured in Spomlek Diary Cooperative in Radzyń  Podlaski. This new type of cheese was the result of changes in the maturation  process. The use of  higher temperature  activated propionic fermentation process typical of Swiss  cheese. This resulted both in theappearance of  nicely shaped large eyes  and a unique nutty –sweet flavor of Radamer. This was not only the first cheese of this type in Poland but also the first small cheese to have holes in Europe.

A year after launching  the first batch of the product, the demand turned out to be much greater than the production capacity of the cooperative. Despite the fact that Spomlek manufactured 24 tones of cheese daily it became necessary to introduce limits on the number of tones, ranging from 3 to 12 tones a year for the individual purchasers. Radamer was immediately appreciated both by consumers and professionals. In 1995 it took the first place in the National Evaluation of Cheese  and won the Gold Medal  of  Poznan International Fair "Polagra-Food". Radamer has been regularly awarded at international competitions, including  Germany and Russia.  

Cheese of Radzyń maintains its unique position to this day. It now represents half of the production of all types of cheese manufactured by the cooperative. It is still readily purchased and prized, also in other countries. Much of the production is intended for export- in 2011 nearly half has been sold outside of Poland. Russia is the largest recipient along with other CIS countries, as well as  European Union.  Spomlek sells its products on all continents  except  Australia.

Radamer  is still  mostly purchased by the Poles,  in spite of  the fact that a number of varieties of cheese with holes  has been already created.  Our cheese has been a challenge for other Polish producers. As a result,  other  plants initiated manufacturing Dutch-Swiss cheese.  Forced to modernize their production lines, they  invested in new technologies.  Considering these changes,  it can be stated that the  introduction of Radamer  occurred to be a  crucial moment for the cheese making industry.

Launching Radamer  also temporarily stopped the import of Swiss cheese. The Polish cheese  was not only competitive as far as its price, but also large regular holes proved to be an important element attracting customers. Also its taste, sweeter than other products of this type, won Radamer a permanent group of buyers. One of its secrets is attributed to milk – the top  quality, delivered by reliable suppliers exclusively from Polesie region, remaining  under constant supervision of our veterinary  and zootechnical care provided by Spomlek Diary Cooperative.